Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Former Anglicans at CUA

This last weekend there was an Anglican Use conference at Catholic Univerisity here in Washington. These souls are former Anglicans and Episcopalians who have become Catholic. In the top photo is Linda Poindexter, the wife of Admiral John Poindexter. She was an Episcopalian priest for 13 years. The story of her conversion is amazing (and I think will be posted soon somewhere online -- details to follow, since it's a must-read!). The other two snapshots are from Rite One of The Book of Divine Worship (I'm sorry the images are so poor -- there was no time to attend this liturgy properly since I was working at the Basilica main office that day and was only able to sneak over on break! But it was well-attended, despite what the pictures show...). Note the "ad orientem" position (which I put in quotes, since it is liturgical east, but almost due north on a compass) at the altar: daily Mass is offered here versus populum (yes, the celebrant usually turns his back on the tabernacle AND the crucifix...).

Rite One is as follows: http://www.walsingham-church.org/mass.htm


A priest who attended the conference (not a former Anglican but a cradle Catholic) said he would be happy to celebrate this liturgy. He said he has tried learning Latin in order to attempt the 1962 Missal but has had little success, and would like to use the reverent and less pedestrian English texts of Rite One rather than the Novus Ordo. He has asked his Bishop for permission but has little hope of receiving it.


The celebrant was Fr. Eric Bergman, who deserves a post of his own! (SEE NEXT POST ABOVE)

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