Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The perils of a day off -- again.

While the two young priests who concelebrated Mass at Super Flumina parish this morning sat at the back of the sanctuary as the other three priests, the deacon, and 6 of the lay faithful distributed Holy Communion to about 130 souls, I was wondering how the ancient rite could be celebrated in that sanctuary. A few things would have to be changed, but it might be possible. And then I thought of the Crypt Church at the basilica -- how would Holy Communion be distributed? There is no raised sanctuary, and not a communion rail in sight. Perhaps the faithful would receive standing? It's that sort of thing I worry about -- the "creativity" of the new rite being employed to make the old rite "work."

I have heard that there may be an "ad experimentum" clause in the Mp. Something perhaps along the lines of only three years...and it may not take effect until the beginning of the new liturgical year (first Sunday of Advent). Must go check on champagne.

Looks like we can gear up for CardinalFest 2007 in November as well.

These musings are part of that "day off" peril to which I all too easily fall prey.

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