Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Theology of the last few decades: "...almost ridiculous."

The Holy Father's extemporaneous comments last Thursday -- awesome, amazing:
"Io seguo la teologia dal ’46...e quindi ho visto quasi tre generazioni di teologi, e posso dire: le ipotesi che in quel tempo, e poi negli anni Sessanta e Ottanta erano le più nuove, assolutamente scientifiche, assolutamente quasi dogmatiche, nel frattempo sono invecchiate e non valgono più! Molte di loro appaiono quasi ridicole."

("I have followed theology since '46...and therefore I have seen almost three generations of theologians, and I can say: the hypotheses which at that time, and then in the Sixties and Eighties were the newest, absolutely scientific, absolutely quasi-dogmatic, in the meantime have become old and have no more worth! Many of them appear almost ridiculous.")


TH2 said...

Now that is a great and instructive quote by His Holiness.

Raphaela said...

I have no words for the distilled essence of awesomeness that is Benedict XVI. I just don't.