Thursday, 3 February 2011

Canon law and coffee mugs

In college I had a friend who was not a morning person. Once a week I had to go to her room in the dorms and try to wake her up for the one morning class she had on her schedule (not an elective, not something she could get out of). I tried every approach, but usually I would wind up ducking as she threw a shoe at the doorway. She always had a pile of stilettos right by her bed. This alone was somewhat suspect. But these were all but lethal when thrown, even by a half-asleep 5'1 teenager.

She had a coffee mug on her rat's nest of a desk which said:

I seem to recall it had a cartoon of one of Booth's frazzled dogs on it, a blur of crazed eyes and drool.

The recent exchanges on some blogs run by (sigh...) Catholics the last few weeks on issues related to the clergy have made me think of this over and over again. As a postscript to what I posted below on January 18th, I now think a coffee mug should commemorate our present nadir:

'"A BLOG IS NOT A GOOD FORUM TO TACKLE CANONICAL ISSUES" doesn't even begin to cover it...'

I think it would make a useful coffee mug, if only as a reminder, and would no doubt be all the more popular in certain circles if it had a Booth-like cartoon of a crazed and drooling canonist.

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