Saturday, 5 March 2011

Looks like Fr. Ryan is letting it go

Like I said:

So, if this was not on someone's radar before, as much as I want to give a sympathetic hearing to the person who may have been taken by surprise, all the more so if that person is upset for one reason or another by this development (and I include priests, who certainly should know better, like the cathedral rector you mention), I would ultimately say to let it go. Yes, let it go if it did not interest you before, or if it did not matter to you before, or if you never read about any of this before. Let it go. Let it remain the province of the people for whom this sort of thing does desperately matter. If it was not of burning interest to you previously, I don't see why it should be now. If you've been "sleepwalking" in the practice of your faith and this is some kind of wake up call, well, that's fine. Be more involved, yes, but realize that you are coming very late to the game and conduct yourself accordingly: you have a lot to learn, and whining will get you nowhere, just like in all other areas and aspects of adult life.

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TH2 said...

I note that you were one of the first to report on this matter, before it became widespread on the internet.