Sunday, 17 April 2011

New book from Father Jaki

"This book is a collection of papers given at various meetings of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, all held in its headquarters, the Casina Pio IV in the Vatican Gardens. The lectures deal with the relation of science and culture, with the nature of exact science as different from other branches of learning, and with evolution. Their basic thrust is to show that there is no conflict between a science and a religion (Catholicism in particular) that are aware of their respective limitations. The latter derive from the unique function of quantities versus the function of all other words. While the latter can operate with the phrase "more or less," the former cannot do so without undermining the very definition of numbers, of integers in particular. The general title should not suggest that the contents and claims of these essays reflect the position of the Vatican. They reflect conclusions which the author reached after pondering the relations of science and religion for half a century."

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TH2 said...

Think I'm going to put that book on my "to do" list... TH2 Factoid: my favourite book by Fr. Jaki is "Science and Creation".