Saturday, 26 November 2011

"I can't consult you if you don't know Latin."

Sums it up nicely. A Latin translator to one of the lay faithful who complained about "not being consulted" on the new edition of the Roman Missal: "I can't consult you if you don't know Latin."

How would I consult you, assuming that you do not know Latin like the majority of Catholics alive today, about the translation of the following:

Da, quaesumus, omnipotens Deus,
hanc tuis fidelibus voluntatem,
ut, Christo tuo venienti iustis operibus occurrentes,
eius dextrae sociati, regnum mereantur possidere caeleste.

(according to Fr. Z., this is a new prayer for the Novus Ordo but based on ancient prayer from the so-called “Gelasian Sacramentary”).

Really, the floor is yours. Even though you know no Latin, I'm consulting you. What do you recommend? What's the verdict?

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Raphaela said...

That Latin translator has a sensible head on his or her shoulders. :)