Sunday, 4 August 2013

Scenes from a canon law conference

I also attended a canon law conference just last week.  I am very happy I went.  There are more photos and some additional information here (and only on fifth or sixth glance did I realize that my boss and I are in the photo of the facade of the church -- can't recall what we were discussing, and don't know who the person is walking away from us -- but since I did not take a photo of the exterior of the church, I am glad to have this one!).

 The Mississippi bending at La Crosse, Wisconsin.
 La Crosse -- classic American small town.
 Even there it is possible to build a new church, and to make it beautiful.

 Angels by the great Anthony Visco overlook the sanctuary.
 Ok, I don't understand putting statues *on* altars...
 Saint Therese
 Blessed Miguel Pro
 Saint Gianna
 Cardinal Burke was brilliant, as usual.
More of Anthony Visco's work - but again, I don't understand putting a white plastic sprinkler/fire thing right in the middle...

 Kitsch but wonderful votive pyramid.
 Three fighters of the good fight.
 Sure it's soft focus........but by this age I thought I'd be all wrinkled up, etc.
"Spotted Cow" -- a local favorite, but I suppose it is an acquired taste.
 We had a lovely dinner with Cardinal Burke and the other participants of the conference.
 There were a number of people at this conference who had also gone to Sacra Liturgia 2013!  It was a joy to see them again.
Looking at this, I kept hearing the "New World Symphony" in my head.

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